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    Daily puzzle for 2022-02-04


    digitle is a number puzzle game, best known from the UK game show Countdown.

    Try to reach the target number by combining the six given numbers and the four basic arithmetic operations. Click on available numbers to insert them into an expression, or type them on your keyboard.

      1 + 2 × 3
      = 7

    Order of operations matters. You can now use this 7 again later.

      7 - 9 + 10
      = 8

    Negative numbers aren't allowed. A hidden −2 is created here.

      7 + 10 - 9
      = 8

    Rearranging can help.

      8 ÷ 3
      = 2⅔

    Fractions aren't allowed, either.

    You earn ⭐ for getting within 10 of the target, ⭐⭐ for getting within 5, and ⭐⭐⭐ for reaching it exactly. Note that in rare cases, a puzzle may not be exactly solvable.

    Made by Eevee (@eevee). Hope you enjoy! Source code on GitHub, but also in your browser; it's only two files.


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    Random mode generation:

    These rules won't take effect until the next puzzle.