Don't Eat the Cactus — 1 of 1


Release 3

"Don't Eat the Cactus" by "Eevee"

The story genre is "Non-Fiction".

The release number is 3.

The story description is "An accurate recounting of recent kitten-related events."

The story creation year is 2016.

Release along with an interpreter.

Release along with the source text.

Understand the command "lick" as "taste".

Understand the command "bite" as "eat".

The description of yourself is "You are a charming and curious little kitten."

Understand "Pearl" as yourself.

Instead of taking:

say "You aren't really built for holding things."

The bedroom is a room. "This is where one of the big cats spends all their time."

A cactus is in the bedroom. The description is "You have no idea what this is, but it looks fascinating!"

Instead of attacking or touching the cactus:

say "Ow! It hurt your paw!"

Instead of smelling the cactus:

say "Hmm. This smells like it requires further examination."

Instead of smelling yourself:

say "You smell like kitten."

Instead of smelling the bedroom:

say "You smell all manner of fascinating things, but mostly a cactus."

Instead of turning the cactus:

say "You tap at the pot the cactus sits in, rotating it slightly."

Instead of tasting the cactus:

say "It tastes like pain."

Instead of tasting yourself:

say "You lick at an itchy spot on your flank, and give it a nibble for good measure."

Instead of searching the cactus:

say "All you find is more cactus."

Instead of kissing the cactus:

say "Oh that is just all kinds of a bad idea."

purring is an action applying to nothing. Understand "purr" as purring.

Carry out purring:

say "Your little purr echoes throughout the room. Sadly, no one comes to pet you."

meowing is an action applying to nothing. Understand "meow" as meowing. Understand the commands "mrow" and "yowl" and "mao" and "maao" and "mrao" as "meow".

Carry out meowing:

say "You meow very loudly, but to no avail."

Instead of eating the cactus:

end the story saying "NO THAT IS THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT YOU DO".

uneating is an action applying to one touchable thing. Understand "don't eat [something]" as uneating. Understand "do not eat [something]" as uneating. Understand "uneat [something]" as uneating.

Carry out uneating:

say "You don't eat [the noun]."

Instead of uneating the cactus: