Lexy's Labyrinth

— an open source game by eevee

Chip's Challenge Level Pack 1

Level 1 — Key Pyramid


Sorry, the game was unable to load at all.

If you have JavaScript partly or wholly blocked, I salute you! ...but this is an interactive game and cannot work without it.

If not, it's possible that the game updated, but you have a mix of old and new code. Try a hard refresh (Ctrl-Shift-R).

I did manage to capture this error, which you might be able to report somewhere:



Lexy walking

Lexy's Labyrinth

an unofficial Chip's Challenge® emulator

Chip's Challenge is a registered trademark of Bridgestone Media Group LLC, used here for identification purposes only. Not affiliated with, sponsored, or endorsed by Bridgestone Media Group LLC.


More levels

Supports CCL/DAT, C2G, C2M, and ZIP; drag and drop; and both custom and official levels. More details



May require Lynx rules

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