Lexy's Labyrinth

— a game by eevee

Chip's Challenge Level Pack 1

Level 1 — Key Pyramid

Lexy's Labyrinth

Welcome to Lexy's Labyrinth, an open source puzzle game that is curiously similar to — but legally distinct from — the Atari classic Chip's Challenge!

(This is a Chip's Challenge emulator, designed to be an accessible way to play community-made levels with free assets. It's 99% compatible with Chip's Challenge 1, and support for Chip's Challenge 2 is underway. But you can safely ignore all that and treat this as its own game.)

Please note that levels themselves may contain hints or lore referring to a guy named Chip collecting computer chips, even though you are clearly a fox named Lexy collecting hearts. Weird, right? Sorry for any confusion!

Pick a level pack to get started! You can also get more technical details or report bugs on GitHub, find out more about Chip's Challenge via the Bit Busters Club fansite, or support this endeavor (and other things I do) via Patreon!

Just play something

Other levels

Load and play any levels you have on hand — both the original levels and any custom ones, perhaps ones you found on the Bit Busters Club set list. Supports CCL/DAT, C2G, and individual C2Ms (though scores aren't saved for those).

You can also drag and drop files or directories into this window.

If you still have the original Microsoft "BOWEP" game lying around, you can play the Chip's Challenge 1 levels by loading CHIPS.DAT.

If you own the Steam versions of Chip's Challenge 1 (free!) or Chip's Challenge 2 ($5 last I checked), you can play those too, even on Linux or Mac:

  1. Right-click the game in Steam and choose Properties. On the Local Files tab, click Browse local files.
  2. Open the data folder, then games.
  3. You should see either a cc1 or cc2 folder. Drag it into this window, or load it with the button above.

Make your own (WIP lol)

Please note that the level editor is extremely unfinished, and can't even save yet.




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